Dear ol' Mom: Steynmere Top Notch

Sideview of mom, with Bruce

The proud father; Steynmere Total Eclipse

Vonandel In Twist Of Steynmere, grandmother on my father's side

CH Steynmere Just So, grandmother on my mother's side

Steynmere Oh Susannah, great grandmother on my mother's side

Sunny, Sascha's sister who was retained by Dr.Bruce Cattanach. She's doing very, very well at the shows:-)!

here is the little sweetie at app. 8 weeks

Standing like a pro!

..showing off her profile...

....and finally, april 7th 2008 she is OFF the plane and settled in the secure arms of Nina for the trip home from the airport

Following in Ceasar's footsteps

Doing a little investigation all on her own

...just sitting there looking pretty, didn't even notice the background..

Lots of things to investigate

Profile, 3 months

Waiting for auntie Hera outside the vet's

Spring sunshine!

Spooky automatic door.....

...but I am BRAVE..! Today I got aquainted with carwashes, babies, big trucks and other new things to be found in the "big" city of Sætre

Now, this she is really good at..!

Oh yesss, scratch me some more..!

..that's it!

...such a couchpotato...

...MY bone!

With Ceasar and Nero vacationing on the coast, summer 08

7 months old in the yard

...and here with Hera

7 months old at the cabin

Sascha in a favourite spot...! Pet me som mooore!

Summer 08

8 months old

Sascha showing no respect for Caesear or Nero...nov.08

Sascha relaxing in the sun with Nusse- the -cat keeping tabs

Sascha and Nero playing with a rope

These two can really get into it!

January 8'th, 1 year old today!

May 3'rd, 2009. Starting to grow up!

...practicing standing like she's supposed to

Sascha quite pleased with herself..! The best place in the world, in someones lap:-) Daughter Nina provides the lap this time


SAS- 0
Spondylose- 2
Knær- 0

A beautiful bitch Steynmere Strike It Lucky aka Sascha was born on january 8'th 2008 in England, at the Steynmere Kennel of Bruce Cattanach. And today, april the 7'th, she came to Norway😀!

I have for some time thought about aquiring another bitch that was NOT a daughter of Ceasar, and this particular kennel has been in the back of my mind.

My delight was therefore great when I was offered the opportunity to buy this little sweetheart

She is a beautiful brindle, and from the short time we have spent together- I am quite impressed with her calm disposition. She doesn't fret og whine, and has fallen quite nicely into the group here at home.

I am so grateful to Bruce for allowing me to purchase this wonderful and promising puppy!

| Svar

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