Mom, Steynmere Strike It Lucky, Sascha

Dad, NUCH Boxerdalen's Golden Giant, our own darling Nero

Samson and Santiago

Santiago and Samson showing their faces

Our beautiful Sascha cradling Santiago and Salomon

One of the main purposes i life for a 5 day old puppy: eating!

Salomon face

Salomon 2 weeks

Santiago 2 weeks sleeping

Santiago 16 days

Santiago taking a nap

Santiago 3 weeks

A good yawn

3.5 weeks old, just moved into their new "appartment"

Sascha digs having her cage back,,,

...and Grandpa Ceasar and Dad Nero also enjoy getting their cages back where they belong:-)

4 weeks, relaxing

4.5 weeks, Santiago

4.5 weeks, Santiago

4.5 weeks, Salomon

4.5 weeks, Salomon

4.5 weeks, Samson

4 weeks, Santiago on the floor with Mom

4 weeks, Samson finding something interesting

4.5 weeks, naughty Salomon!

4.5 weeks, Santiago, Sascha and Salomon

4.5 weeks, Mom's still best!

4.5 weeks, Samson

4.5 weeks, Santiago taking it easy

....and so does Salomon

Salomon asleep

4.5 weeks

4.5 weeks, Salomon

5 weeks, Samson "Cæsar" is begging:Pick me up!

5.5 weeks, Santiago showing off..! Hege Sterud photo

...and after that performance, some R&R! Photo Hege Sterud

5.5 weeks with the Attitude of his noble Grandpå NUCH Dahlina's Jolly-Roger, "Little Cæsar" takes it all in..:-) Photo Hege Sterud

7 weeks, we went to the eminent photographer Jan Vidar Bakker to have the puppy-portraits taken, and he and Monica did an exellent job! Thank you both:-)

7 weeks, Salomon chewing on a cat...

...and then sleeping on it!

7 weeks, Samson pondering the big questions of life-

Kronions Santiago, 7 weeks, wondering what this thing is good for....

THIS is what's good for:0! A nice pillow for a sleepy puppy:-)

But truth be known, this pillow is much softer:-)

Kronion's Samson, 7 weeks

Kronion's Samson 7 weeks

Kronion's Samson,7 weeks.

7 uker, Kronion's Salomon

Kronion's Salomon, 7 weeks

7 weeks, Kronion's Salomon

8 weeks, Kronion's Santiago

7 weeks, Santiago

8 weeks, Kronion's Santiago resting in his favourite place...

9 weeks, Kronion's Santiago in front of the window

9 weeks, Kronion's Santiago with his dad, NUCH Boxerdalen's Golden Giant

8 weeks, Kronion's Salomon, now Timon, in his new home in Bodø. photo Jørn Søfting

8 weeks, Timon

9 weeks, Timon after a shower, only half pleased with the situation:-)!

9 weeks, Kronion's Samson, now Cæsar giving his best begging for som gooodies. His new "grandma" Sara supervising in the background

9 weeks, Cæsar resting in his new home in Skien. He's named after his grandpa, NUCH Dahlina's Jolly-Roger, Cæsar, because he has the same confident, unflappable disposition

Cæsar 9 weeks and auntie Sara 9.5 years old enjoy an outdoor breakfast

Ah, the safety of sleeping in Auntie Sara's arms...:-)!

...awake, but still safe in care of Auntie Sara

NUCH Boxerdalen's Golden Giant x Steynmere Strike It Lucky

Valper født 4 mars 2010 mellom Sascha, Steynmere Strike It Lucky,
og Nero, NUCH Boxerdalens Golden Giant !
3 flotte gutter kom til verden, en tigret showtegnet, en rød murris og en tigret murris.

Kronion's Santiago
- tigret og hvit  "Ago" CK, vunnet klassen sin flere ganger
Kronion's Samson- rød  "Cæsar"
Kronion's Salomon, tigret murris  "Timon" CERT, BIG 1 

Vi forventer våkne, kjærlige og spreke valper, som sine foreldre🙂!
Ved å gå inn på linkene ovenfor, kan du se
mange flere bilder av Sashca og Nero, og også noen av slekten lenger bak

Kennel Kronion welcomes it's first litter of boxerpuppies!

An exciting litter is born March 4'th, 2010! We got 3 beautiful boys, one showy brindle and white boy, one solid red boy and one brindle boy. They are  all doing fine, and we are looking forward to seeing how they will develope.
Mom Steynmere Strike It Lucky, Sascha, and dad NUCH Boxerdalens Golden Giant, Nero,  both live in the kennel, and we are
quite anxious to see how these little rascals will turn out!

They are both quite agile, and with tremendous winning personalities
I thought I had met the ultimate sweet dog in Nero, then along came Sascha....! She will melt your heart!

What can I say, with her bone, short back, beautiful head
and his splendid physicque, this could be interesting indeed.

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